Advanced Analytics Services for COVID-19 Clinical Decision Support

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Identify Rising Risk

PrecisionCare is a feature-rich software application for automated patient assessment and identification of rising-risk. PrecisonCare allows healthcare workers to continuously monitor clinical populations to provide early-warning of serious, unanticipated and expensive healthcare events. PrecisionCare is a complete solution which provides EHR/EMR data harmonization and precision model development in an easy-to-deploy desktop application. PrecisionCare is designed to keep patients and caregivers better informed of health risks allowing them to collaboratively achieve superior health outcomes.

Automate Early Intervention Programs

PrecisionCare™ is specifically designed for early intervention healthcare. PrecisionCare automatically mines your population dataset 24/7 to identify clinical and molecular phenotypes valuable for patient profiling and intervention impact. With PrecisonCare, healthcare workers can now evaluate a broader range of care pathways across multiple patient features and clinical endpoints. Using advanced machine learning technologies, each patient’s individual medical history, genetic profile, environment and lifestyle can be used to explore clinical and home-based strategies demonstrated to reduce comorbidity and minimize adverse events in similar patients. PrecisionCare is redefining how quickly personalized intervention sequences can be identified and deployed in support of a healthier population and more cost-effective clinical care.

A New Vision For Healthcare

IOMICS Healthcare is a leading-edge analytics company based in Cambridge Massachusetts. IOMICS believes the clinical use of precision patient models is the essential next step to improving healthcare. Through our award-winning software products and consulting services, IOMICS is driving a broad range of comparative effectiveness and process-improvement initiatives for healthcare clients and technology partners worldwide.

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